The Mobile SSH Log Viewer

Available for download from the App Store


  • Less clutter: Free your dev workstation from SSH window clutter
  • Social: Easily go over live server logs with multiple colleagues
  • Escape: Get out of the office and keep tabs on logs from the road
  • Freedom from heavy lifting: Easily check logs of headless machines in data centers & embedded systems without needing to carry a monitor or laptop around.
  • Frustration free: No more fumbling with the command line on virtual keyboard
  • More dates: LogVu is so discrete, you can check on server logs during your date with the cute intern from accounting!


  • iPhone, iPod Touch (iPad coming soon!)
  • Username & Password SSH authentication
  • High speed log processing
  • New data notification
  • One-click jump to end of data
  • Save time with one-click log opening
  • Email sharing: Selection or whole log!
  • Secure credential storage
  • RSA fingerprint verification for security.

Server Requirements

Almost all non-Windows servers work with LogVu!
  • SSH2
  • Unix-like (Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, etc)
  • tail
Available for download from the App Store

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